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1. ALL OF MY Cloud Problems Solved! – WD Community


My only problem and a point that i have difficulty is the backup software which i think is confusions and not really user friendly , but i believe with little practice i will figure it out.. Anyone having problems with their WD cloud try what ever is suggested in this forum it worked like a charm for me.

2. How To Troubleshoot Wd My Cloud Issues? | Solved

Resolve Wd My Cloud Issues Step 1: Add My Cloud To Credentials. Click the Start menu and go to the Control Panel window. Navigate to the User… Step 2: Editing Registry. Press the Windows and R buttons together. Now, enter regedit in the search section of the Run… Step 3: Changing Internet …

3. Fixed: WD My Cloud Backup Failed or Not Working


How to Fix “WD My Cloud Backup Failed” Issue? Method 1. Reset Network. The network is an important factor that affects the success of My Cloud backup. This simple… Method 2. Add My Cloud to the credential list. Open the Control Panel on your computer, click User Accounts, and go to… Method 3. …

4. Fix: Cannot Access WD My Cloud Account on Windows 10

Fix: Cannot Access WD My Cloud Account on Windows 10

Fix: Cannot Access WD My Cloud Account on Windows 10 Method 1: Add a Windows Credential for your WD My Cloud account. The simplest and most widely effective fix for this… Method 2: Fix the issue using Registry Editor. If Method 1 does not work for you, which is highly unlikely, this issue… …

5. Cannot access WDMyCloud from Windows 10 laptop PC – My …


Officially the only methods of remote access to a My Cloud that WD will support is the My Cloud.com web portal, insecure FTP, and the WD My Cloud app for Android/iOS. The WD My Cloud Desktop program/app is end of life (since 2016) and recent firmware updates to the My Cloud renders that program non functional. As further troubleshooting steps, disable any security software on the computer as some have a tendency to interfere or block access to the My Cloud.

6. Windows 10 does not automatically connect … – WD Community


So one has a choice. Either enable SMB1 on Windows and accept it’s a potential security risk (and lock down the rest of the local network) or disable SMB1 on Windows and use the IP address for the My Cloud to access the My Cloud. The other setting one needs to ensure is set properly on Windows is the Network Profile.

7. Problems using MyCloud OS5 – My Cloud Mirror – WD Community


Several days ago I installed MyCloud OS5 on a PR4100 system. Since this update I experience several problems: The system is indexing the data – now for several days. Sometimes I cannot access the dashboard (time out). When I am able to log in I can see that values for CPU and memory usage are constantly high. Goodsync can access the MyCloud OS5, but whenever I sync data the data transfer …